Claudio Rovai

Tuscan from Lucca.
As soon as he came of age he left for London, where he began to gain experience in various Italian restaurants in the English capital.
After returning to Italy for a couple of years, he worked first in Tuscany in a starred restaurant and then on Lake Maggiore, where he gained his first experience as Head Chef.
The desire to experiment and travel subsequently took him to Australia, where, starting from scratch, he worked his way up to managing the kitchen of a famous Italian restaurant in Sydney. The desire to return to Italy, however, is strong: to rediscover his traditions while bringing with him a wealth of internationality, accumulated over many years of experience abroad.

The choice falls on Milan where he gets back into the game once again, rejecting various chef offers to dedicate himself to a 6-month internship in Matias Perdomo's kitchen, in Contraste. A fundamental experience that makes Claudio professionally fall in love with the Uruguayan chef's cuisine, and Perdomo with Claudio's skills and working attitude. The starred chef thus decides to entrust him with his new project: Exit Gastronimia Urbana which Claudio follows from the opening until a few months ago, when he decides to get back into the game with the new Food Writers project.

The chef's principles are to follow seasonality and choose the best raw materials, with which he creates dynamic dishes.
In addition to the taste, attention also goes to the beauty of the dish, because you eat first of all with your eyes!
Claudio Rovai
Food Writers

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